Vishcart is the first and the only organization which aims to bring BUDDHIST PRODUCTS from in and around BODHGAYA i.e. the place where Lord Buddha got enlightenment and from reminisces of his foot Steps.

Vishcart is platform for Buddhist Products which brings all the products that are made from traditional ancient techniques, skills and hand-based processes.

ORGANIC HANDMADE PRODUCTS are our USP and we wish to let Buddhist Lovers relive the forgotten feelings of Ancient Buddhism from in and around BODHGAYA.

Vishcart links with rural artisans in and around Bodhgaya that have been taking forward the ancient techniques percolated from one generation to the other without losing its originality. These artisans wish Buddhists across the globe to feel the holy touch of Buddhism from the place it originated, spread across the globe and is considered to be the most important place for Buddhism.

Vishcart, in association with these brilliant artisans, have been working to bring to you the Buddhist Legacy with organic touch which must be existing when Buddhism originated in BODHGAYA and Later spreaded from NALANDA to the other parts of the world.


Vishcart Vision:

Bring close to Buddhism through its Traditional Religious Products amalgamating contemporary touch with ancient traditional practices just to enhance its effectiveness.


Vishcart Mission:

We wish each and every Buddhist Individual and lovers across the globe to experience Buddha even if they don’t get a chance to visit BODHGAYA and places in and around it. Also strengthen and support community of designers, artisans, farmers, makers who love to contribute to make Buddhist Products reach even the last point of the world.

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